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Ah, here it is. The Deaf Awareness Week video that everybody’s been waiting for.

I’ve been running out of inspiration for my YouTube channel lately (which has always been a makeup based channel since I started it) and watching 87daysbefore, chescaleigh, marinashutup, and aconnormanning have inspired me to finally branch out a little bit.

And if I’m going to talk about anything, it may as well be deaf and hard of hearing problems.

I cover a lot of things in one video. I talked about the basics of what deaf, Deaf, and hard of hearing are. I talk about hearing aids and cochlear implants a little bit. Hell, even Switched At Birth (I know, I know) is mentioned. I also bring YouTube into the video.

I’m tempted to make future videos being a little more in depth about every topic since I couldn’t do it in this video otherwise it probably would’ve been an hour long. There’s stuff that I forgot to mention and talk about that I think would be a good thing to talk about in videos later on down the road.

And of course, this is closed captioned ‘cos what kind of hard of hearing person would I be if I didn’t CC it? I’m just hoping mistakes don’t show up out of nowhere since it took so long to save and upload.

Again, I want to thank chescaleigh so, so, so much for helping me spread the word about the video. It means a lot to me. So much, I don’t think you even know.

If any of you reblog this, please accept this big thank you and virtual hug.

By the way, my facial expressions in this are gold.

See, I can get behind this. This is important.